Less Cheese Exports Affect U.S. Dairies – Agricultural Trade

Less Cheese Exports Affects U.S. Dairies – Agricultural Trade

U.S. dairies are among the largest producers of cheese in the world, producing from cheddar to mozzarella. The global cheese market is currently made up of over 21 million tons of cheese production coming from countries all over the world. Cheese comes in various forms, as large uncut blocks to small package products such as string cheese.

Cheese is big business worldwide since dairies, usually on large areas of land, demand enormous amounts of capital to maintain operations. U.S. dairies are among the largest and most efficient worldwide, producing mass amounts of cheese for domestic consumption and for international export.

Trade tensions and tariff retaliations have made U.S. cheese exports more expensive worldwide. With less exports, an increasing supply of cheese has been accumulating in the U.S. Additionally, U.S. consumers are consuming less cheese and dairy products, driving demand down as stockpiles climb.

Sources: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, FRED; Bank of St. Louis

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