How Tart Cherries Became The Latest Trade Battle – Trade Policy Update

Apart from high-tech components and mass produced gadgets from China, tart cherries imported from Turkey are encroaching on U.S. cherry farmers in Michigan and Washington.

The U.S. cherry industry petitioned the U.S. Commerce Department to impose tariffs on the import of tart cherries from Turkey. The complaint claims that cherry exporters are being subsidized by the Turkish government to dump tart cherries on the U.S. market at below market prices. 

The USDA noted that in 2018 Turkey cherry exporters were selling tart cherries in the U.S. market for 89 cents per pound, while U.S. cherry farmers were selling the same tart cherries for $4.60 per pound. Such a price disparity is identified as dumping by the Commerce Department, especially when government subsidies are suspected.

Sources: USDA, U.S. Commerce Department

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