What is ESG – Socially Conscience Investing – Part 1 of a 3

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) have become focal points for companies, analysts, and investors. The evolution of ESG has created a growing awareness among the public about how companies formulate criteria for socially conscious decisions.

For decades, analysts and financial advisors determined how well companies were performing by their earnings and revenue growth. ESG now injects a more subjective, non-traditional metric into how well companies are being managed for the future impact of the environment and social consciousness.

Recent global events including the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and global warming trends have compelled governments in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. to re-examine their energy initiatives as well as mandates for corporations. Companies today are starting to be measured by how well they apply ESG formats and follow their success. As a result, asset managers, mutual funds, ETFs, and advisors are introducing portfolios and screening methods that identify which companies are implementing and adhering to ESG guidelines.

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