Strong U.S Dollar Prompts Americans To Travel Overseas – Foreign Exchange Update

A strong U.S. dollar is becoming a decisive factor for U.S. travelers heading overseas. Up nearly 3.5% year to date, the surging U.S. dollar is expected to maintain its value as demand for the greenback remains enduring. When traveling to other countries, an elevated U.S. dollar versus other country currencies, can make a European trip that much less costly. As of the end of March, the Euro is down nearly 8% versus the U.S. dollar, making travel to any Euro denominated country cheaper than the summer of 2021.

Here at home, the strengthening dollar has also made imported goods into the United States more affordable, which become less expensive for American consumers as the dollar rises. These lower import prices help mitigate inflation in the U.S. allowing consumers to spend less on certain goods yet spend more on leisure and travel.

Sources:, Bloomberg, Commerce Department

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